Commemorative illustration for the Final episode on air and distribution has arrived!

To celebrate the on air and distribution of the final episode, illustration of the original novel Seira Minami and Anime Staff has arrived. Thank you for watching all 25 episodes!

Original novel illustration :
Seira Minami
Director :
Takao Abo
Character Design/Drawing Director :
Masahiro Suwa
1st quell Opening Storyboard/Producer :
Shinpei Wada

Final Episode is coming up! Cast’s comment released!

Final Episode is coming up!
Message has arrived from Ishikawa Kaito as Iwatani Naofumi, Seto Asami as Raphtalia and Hidaka Rina as Filo!
Do not miss the final episode!!

- Ishikawa Kaito (Iwatani Naofumi)
I'm Ishikawa Kaito as Iwatani Naofumi.
Thank you so much for watching over Naofumi and his party's journey for the past half a year!
All to be left is the last battle so don't miss it till the end!

- Seto Asami (Raphtalia)
Thank you all for watching The Rising of the Shield Hero anime so far.
Following the defeat of the pope, you may have thought the story had reached its climax, but now another truth comes to light.
We learn that L'Arc and Therese are a hero party from another world, and we end up fighting them!
In the last episode, Glass and Naofumi square off, and the key thing to look out for is that they're both fighting for what they believe is right.
Don't miss what the ending await!

- Hidaka Rina (Filo)
So we've reached the final episode. It seems that so many people are watching the show not only in Japan, but the world over... Thank you all so much!
Having ran into Glass yet again in episode 24, what will end up happening to the Shield Hero's party?
And what are Glass and her friends fighting for? I hope you all enjoy watching to the very end.

Original RPG "The Rising of the Shield Hero" for RPG Maker MV

Created with the popular RPG Maker MV, The Rising of the Shield Hero is now available for free download!
The otherworld anime now takes the form of a game story.
You can now experience that otherworld rising fantasy for yourself!

The game follows Naofumi's perspective, and you can also have fun in battles featuring Raphtalia as well. You can equip Balloons for weapons, increase the number of shields at your disposal as you progress through the story, and see a different side of The Rising of the Shield Hero in a way only a game can convey! With Raphtalia by your side, conquer the Waves of Catastrophe in a whole different world!

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Switch on the sound while playing for a richer story experience.

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